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Resource – or ‘Bookable Resource’ to be pedantic – is someone or something who works on the work (Work Order). Resources are of one of the following types:

Bookable Resource entity has a relationship with a few more entities that helps in defining specifics about resources; which could help in scheduling work. For instance, you may want to keep data of certifications of field staff so that only those individuals are assigned to complex work who are qualified and have certification. Other examples could be driving license, security clearance etc. All such specifics can be defined against resources or could be imported into Dynamics from an external system (in my experience, the first cut is always export from some HR system).

Following is a list of entities which could be used to define ’specifics’ about resources:

  • Characteristics (example certifications, skills and skills vs proficiency ratings)
  • Categories (example: team lead, driver etc.)
  • Territories
  • Organisational Unit (example: Warranty & Services department, Sales etc.)

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