The new Dynamics 365 Field Service app arrived in 2020 and is almost there (as of February 2021) in terms of features parity with the old app (called Xamarin app now in the Microsoft documentation). This new app is more native to the Microsoft platform as it ‘plays’ a model-driven app developed in Power Platform. Therefore, developing, configuring and administering this app is easier and cheaper since your team with Dynamics 365 skills will be able to manage this app as well. Consequently it is also easier to setup:

1. Assign the role

Assign ‘Field Service – Resource’ role to the mobile users

2. Download the app

Remember the icon as there are few apps with similar names

3. Login and play

That’s all – nice and easy 🙂

You may now book few work orders to your resources and let them view bookings, change status, update work orders etc. One last important thing to remember is that the app ‘plays’ a model-driven app called ‘Field Service Mobile’ so if you’d like to change a view, form or any UX element, make a change in this app and publish it.

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