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Better Calendar Control to Manage Resource Requirements

Resource Requirement is to a Planner what laptop is to a Programmer. Okay this is a bit too cliched but the fact is, as a planner, you’d mostly work on these three entities in Dynamics 365:

  1. Bookings,
  2. Resources, and
  3. Resource Requirements

A Resource Requirement record sits at the heart of URS and Field Service. The record basically defines the shape and form of the booking to fulfil the need. When a booking is created on a Schedule Board (drag and drop, manually or using a form), it is actually created against a Resource Requirement record. In other words, there is a Resource Requirement record behind every schedulable entity (e.g. Work Order).

OK, I got the context. Now, what is this post about?

It is common for planners to tailor ‘Resource Requirement’ records per the needs of the work, preferences of the client and other constraints. For instance, if similar work is being carried out in many areas, you may want to adjust the time zone on the Resource Requirement record. Previously this experience was a bit clunky but now we have got a new PCF (Power Apps Content Framework) based calendar which makes the function and experience seamless, consistent and also configurable.


  1. Open a Resource Requirement screen
  1. If you click on Modify Calendar, below is the old (deprecated) screen which used to open
  1. But now when you click on the button, this slick screen opens from the right
  1. In this case, let’s change the time zone to Perth. Save the record
  1. Schedule Assistant will take into account the new time zone while suggesting records




Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Better Calendar Control to Manage Resource Requirements”

  1. Hi Ali,
    Is there a way to modify this Requirement calendar thru SDK?. Example, based on my service account Time zone field can we change this dynamically?.

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