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Multi-session, multi-tab user experience in Dynamics 365

Imagine a user experience in Dynamics 365 where:

  • you could open tabs within same browser tab and then easily navigate without losing context,
  • keep a few most frequently used entities, dashboards etc. pinned as tabs,
  • open multiple tabs for a session eg. to process a case, open account profile, contact profile, and knowledge base
  • if interrupted during a session, could come back and resume from where you left

Drum rolls…. introducing “Customer Service workspace”. This is a new app (model-driven) which enables multi-tabs, multi-session experience. Have a look at annotated images below (this is all out of the box, no customisations/configurations 😊)

Under the hood, it is just another app in the environment and there is nothing on the screen to set this multi-tab experience on the app.

It is just another model-driven app
Model-driven app editor

I thought to play a little trick and added Work Order and Booking in the app and in sitemap (using app editor) and viola! it shows an option to add Work Orders and Bookings now 🤓

Options to add new tabs
and this is how it looks.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it! I think this is a promising start as it leads to obvious productivity benefits for certain user types (think Customer Service front desk officer, Customer Service Agent, Work Management supervisor etc.). Looking forward to having an option to selectively enable this experience in other apps too and also to be able to switch this on per specific user type or functional area.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to share your feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts 😊

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