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Among the latest and greatest in Dynamics 365 Field Service is the introduction of Service Reports. It is very common for service technicians to send a report on maintenance work, installations etc., once the work is completed, with detailed items of products/services, comments, next service date etc. All this information is part of Dynamics 365 Field Service but can it be featured as a PDF on a mobile app which can be verified on the screen (phone, tablet) and can be then sent over email/SMS?

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Service Reports are the answer here.

The Setup

The awesome Dynamics 365 development team has released a reporting solution and a PCF based sample report. Being a PCF control, you can easily make code changes to configure the report per business requirements or you can even create a brand new report using PCF.

The Installations

Download the reporting solution from here and import

Go to Power Apps Maker portal, click on Apps, select Field Service Mobile app and click ‘Edit’

As the App Designer opens in new window, select ‘Bookable Resource Booking’ entity and select ‘Reporting’ form. Save → Validate → Publish.

The Play

Go to the new Dynamics 365 Field Service app and open a Booking (it is assumed you have a Field Service – Resource role assigned to your user). Click on Report.

The system auto-generates a report with details about the work order. You can save, SMS or email this report.

Wow that’s great but…

can we tailor this report? Yes, we can. The sample report can be downloaded from here and can be updated in Visual Studio. I think by extension of this design, we can also create our own custom reports and add in the form (web and mobile) using the same mechanism. The above location also has a handy document to assist in customisations.

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