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Scottish Summit and Connected Field Service

As my binge watching of Scottish Summit 2021 continues, today I came across awesome session of Kyle Mclendon on ‘Alternative Design patterns for Connected Field Service‘. The session was full of valuable original content on IoT, CFS and architectures from POC (proof of concept) to real-life implementations.

This was the first speaking session of Kyle in any conference, which makes it all the more impressive. Kyle started the session with definitions of assets, devices and the basics of IoT architecture and then delved into various IoT systems’ design choices, the ‘hows’ and ‘whats’ of it. I would call it a must-watch for IoT and Dynamics 365 Field Service practitioners:

Thanks Kyle McLendon for the great session!


  1. Reference IoT Hub / Connected Field Service architecture: Connected Field Service with IoTHub Architecture | Microsoft Docs
  2. Data flow between devices and IoT architecture components: here

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