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Essential Azure for Dynamics 365 Professionals

Since it is becoming more common that the solutions built on Dynamics 365 are hybrid (multiple first-party apps, use Power Apps app, PCF etc) and integration is becoming cheaper and easier (thanks to 100s of connectors), I talked about “Essential Azure for Dynamics 365 professionals” in Power Platform 24 event last week.

We looked at a few problem statements (common challenges in D365 projects) and how appropriate Azure products can be used to resolve those challenges quickly (sometimes in no-code / low-code ways too).

Key takeaways

  • Azure is big (highly likely you will find a product-fit for any problem you are looking for) 🦾
  • Azure is approachable 🔑
  • Azure provides no-code solutions too! 🙋‍♂️

Session: Essential Azure for Dynamics 365 Professionals | Video

[Session is *free* to watch, just register yourself]

Slide Deck:

[slideshare id=248187036&doc=pp24-essentialazurefordynamics365professionals-210510044011]

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