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The ‘Currency’ error on Work Order

I was reminded of this gem from XKCD today:

The context is a customer call who found this annoying error on the creation of a work order in Dynamics 365 Field Service:

The error message is a bit cryptic but what it means is simple: currency should be consistent on a work order AND records mentioned in work order. Three currency fields are at play here:

  1. Currency in the price list of a selected Billing Account
  2. Currency in the price list of a selected Work Order Type
  3. Currency in the price list of Work Order itself

If any of these three currencies are different, you’ll see this error on work order creation. For our customer, it turned out a change was made in price list without understanding the consequence here. The bottom line is:

Keep the currency and, in turn, price list consistent in Billing Account, Work Order and Work Order Type records.

Hope it helps. Thanks for reading!

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