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How to create a roster for resources

The Schedule Board shows working and non-working hours in different colours (non-working hours are greyed) to help planners in creating bookings for resources per their roster. In this article, we will have a look at the steps to set up a roster for individual / multiple resources, and will also look at a Pro Tip in the end.

For setting up work hours for a single resource, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Bookable Resources view
  2. Select a resource and click on Show Work Hours
  3. Click on Setup -> Weekly Schedule for selecting work hours, lunch break etc.
  4. Save and exit

Easy, isn’t it. Next for setting up work hours for multiple resources or assigning the same roster to multiple resources, it is best to create Work Hours Templates. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings under Resources Scheduling
  2. Goto Work Hours Templates, click New to create a new record
  3. Give it a distinctive name, select a ‘Template Resource’. Work hours must be already set up for the resource select as Template Resource
  4. Save and exit

  1. Next click on resource(s), click on Set Calendar
  2. Select the Work Hour Template record you just created and click on Save

What happened in point 4 above was copying of work hours schedule from the Template Resource’s calendar to Work Hour Template record. This way several rosters could be created for field staff working on different days and different work timings.

Pro Tip!
Imagine your field staff works in two schedules: weekday and weekends. A Pro Tip, in this case, is to create two resources of type ‘Generic’ and name then as ‘Weekend Template Resource’ and ‘Weekday Template Resource’. Then set work hours for these resources appropriately and use them in the Work Hour Template record. This is better than referencing a real resource in Work Hour Template as real resources may move around working in different hours, are on holidays and may leave the organisation and when this happens, it could potentially impact the Work Hour Template and subsequently the calendar of other resources.

That’s all. Hope it helped. Thanks for reading!

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