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How to send a Microsoft Teams notification from Dynamics 365

The story behind this article is a challenge faced by one of the customers to reduce ‘delay’ between ‘urgent’ issue (case) creation in the system and bookings of resource to address the issue. The cases were created in the system by the Customer Service team, who then send those cases to Warranty team based on the nature of the issue, equipment type etc. The Warranty team then review the case, create Work Order and book resources to visit and solve the reported issue. Since Warranty team was always busy, some sort of notification mechanism was required to be sent on urgent issues, to enable Warranty team to reshuffle resources bookings to address higher priority issues earlier.

At that point several notification media were evaluated and, no surprises; most effective notifications were found to be sent in Microsoft Teams since both back office and field force technicians were already in touch with each other using Teams. Luckily the solution (based on Power Automate) was also found to be the one with the shortest time for readiness to go-live!

Following are the steps if you’d like to implement the same for your customers:

  1. Goto Power Automate
  2. Click on Create on the left and create a flow if type ‘Automated flow’
    Create a flow with a trigger on new record creation using Common Data Service connector
  1. Add Microsoft Teams action (you’ll have to log in to your Teams account)
  2. Add teams, channel and the message (you can use Case number and other fields as dynamic content)

Here is the complete flow:

And this is the output:

Hope this was useful. Please feel free to share your feedback.

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