Identify key words in Power Platform 2020 Release 1 plan using AI Builder

This is a part-fun and part-experimenting AI Builder article. Microsoft released 2020 Release Wave 1 Plan for Power Platform back in January. It is full of exciting stuff; all the new features, enhancements and updates planned circa April this year — and it is long read; 149 pages to be exact. Now, what if we could run some sort of ‘smart algo’ on this document to identify all the keywords (oft-repeated words) in it! This will give a new angle into what is the recurring theme, oft-repeated objectives and important buzz words that are mentioned in the release plan. Now before we go into details of what was that ‘smart also’ and how it was achieved, here is the results of the exercise:

Very insightful, right? And as you may have guessed, the ‘smart algo’ here is AI Builder. Let’s get our hands dirty…

  1. Goto Power Apps maker portal and click on AI Builder on the left.
  1. Click on Key Phrase Extraction model
  1. Click on ‘Use in a flow’
  2. This will lead you to Power Automate flow creation screen. Add a manual trigger and add ‘Text’ input
  1. A key limitation currently with Key Phrase Extraction model is that it supports the analysis of 5120 characters only, so we divided total length of the text with 5120 and then ran a loop to call Key Phrase Extraction model repeatedly, pass a substring of fewer than 5120 characters from the complete text and then save all the keywords in one variable. Add Predict action, select Key Phrase Extraction model and pass on a substring of complete text (less than 5120 characters). Add an action to send keywords using email
  1. Run the flow….
  1. ..and copy-paste Release Plan text and click on Run Flow
  1. Flow successfully runs, repeatedly calls Key Phrase Extraction AI model and sends all the identified keywords.

Note: The approach does return duplicates because in each iteration it processes 5000 characters, I had to de-duplicate result manually in excel but can’t see any reason why same can’t be done using Power Automate flow.

This was a quick demonstration of the power of Key Phrase Extraction AI model. In terms of its real-world usage, it could be used to review customer feedback, case descriptions, partners communications etc. to identify the theme or key elements of the conversations, which could be then addressed appropriately. Hope you find it useful, if you have suggestions or questions, please feel free to share.

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