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Setting up Priorities for Work Orders

Can there be any scheduling without priorities?

Work Orders in Dynamics 365 Field Service can be optionally marked with priorities and this information shows up in Schedule Board to assist planners/dispatchers in managing bookings. This post is about how-to setup Work Order Priorities and then prioritise work order.

The Setup

Go to Field Service -> Settings -> Priorities

Click +New. A new form will open. Enter data (per the screenshot below) to set up ‘High’ priority.

Similarly, set Medium and Low.

Prioritise Work Order

Open Work Order, go to the ‘Settings’ tab and select ‘Priority’

View Priorities in Schedule Board

Priorities against Work Orders appear in the bottom panel of Schedule Board (Unscheduled Work Orders) and priority also appear on the top-right corner of the booking on Schedule Board:

The good thing about this #NoCode out of the box feature is the fact that (a) the number of priority levels, (b) colours for priority levels and (c) names of priority levels can be all tailored per the business requirements.

Hope you find this useful. Please feel free to share your feedback.

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