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Hourly rates of resources and Booking cost

One of the FAQs on Dynamics 365 Field Service capabilities is about hourly rates of resources and how does that reflect the costing of work orders. This quick article will show a demo of how Dynamics 365 Field Service maintains and use hourly rates in work order bookings.

Step 1

Let’s begin with setting up an hourly rate for a resource. Go to Resource view, open a resource and update hourly rate in Field Service tab:

Step 2

Next, go to Schedule Board and assign a work order to the resource. Change status of the Work Order to In Progress:

Step 3

The booking may go through several statuses until it is completed. On the completion, go to Dynamics 365 Field Service, click open the Booking and go to Field Service tab. Total Cost column will have an automatically calculated value of the cost of the resource, based on a simple formula:

Total Cost = Sum for each resource (Hourly rate x hours spent on this booking)

In our example, the hourly rate was set as $25, only one booking was created against a resource who spent 20 minutes (0.33 hours) on the booking, hence the cost is $8.33 ($25 x 0.33 hours).

Please feel free to share feedback. Happy D365-ing!

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