‘Your organisation has not set…’ Field Service Mobility error – how to resolve?

Are users reporting above error on Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app?

This is arguably the most reported issue on the Field Service mobile app and the fact is this error is pretty generic so it could be happening due to a bunch of reasons, but following should give some pointers to the cause:

  1. Check if the user has sufficient security roles to access the app
  2. Check if ‘Enabled for Field Service Mobile’ field on the Bookable Resource profile is set as ‘Yes’
  1. Check if the project’s version is the same as the version of the app installed on the resource’s device. You can check the mobile project’s version in Woodford and app’s version in the About navigation area in the app
  2. Click on Send Log. Device must have a default ‘Mail’ app enabled to open log. Peruse the log to find out more about the issue

Hope this helps, please feel free to share if you have questions.

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