AI-100 and the impact of AI on enterprise software

Finally, done! I was working on this weekend project since last 6 months and while learning new tech, products and features is always fun, what was really educating for me is the extent of commoditisation of AI on Azure platform.

There are many features such as real-time translation in dozens of language, finding celebrity, scene, retail brands in streaming videos, real-time moderation of images and text etc. are all accessible through simple API calls (and it is cheap too!). Secondly, AI models can be downloaded on-premise and on IoT devices, which makes data, processing and even Azure subscription costs lower. Lastly, conversational AI experience is not only easy to build but also comes with a number of tools/products to have a better conversation with users (employees and customers).

The bottom line is these AI capabilities are accessible to engineers, developers and programmers – not just to data scientists and AI specialists. And I believe the true transformative effects of commoditised AI is yet to be seen in enterprise software design and experience. As We are still in the early days of this transition. Exciting times ahead!

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