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Can UX be quantified? I think one way to assess usability is to count the number of clicks required to complete a functional activity in the system. In the context of Dynamics 365 Field Service, for example, this could be creating a Work Order, scheduling, setting up a servicing schedule for assets etc. So then the question is – how good is the usability index (if we shall call it) of these Dynamics 365 Field Service?

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Not much, right? Requires too many clicks!

The user experience of Dynamics 365 is based on the main entity form and then navigating to ‘related entities’ through subgrids in same or different tabs. Owing to the complexity of the service business, the data model of Dynamics 365 Field Service has a lot of relationships between entities which invariably translates into heaps of clicks when you are working on these records: Work Orders, Agreements, Purchase Orders etc. So what is the solution?

Introducing the new ‘subgrids as dialog’ feature…

Arriving in the bandwagon of 2020 Release Wave 2 is this new feature which basically makes related entity forms on a Work Order to open like dialog. Here is my little video of test drive of the features (it is in early release view at the moment). The key outcome of this feature is the ability to complete an entire functional activity (e.g. to create a work order and related products, services etc.) from one screen only.

Note: This is currently supported on below entities only:

  1. Work order product
  2. Work order service
  3. Work order service task
  4. Work order incident
  5. Bookable resource booking
  6. Time entry

End result:

Lesser clicks, shorter data entry time and increased productivity = Happy Customer 👩‍💻

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