Hi there. I’m a cloud solution architect, work at Velrada and am based in Sydney. Technology is my passion and I love making a difference by using amazing technology platforms/products like Azure, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform.  

Why do I write:

  • Writing helps me in firming up my reflections and thoughts. As we live in a world where we are bombarded with varied opinions on everything in life, I try to form a view (instead of echoing somebody else’s) that is based on facts and rationality. Writing helps in picking holes, logical fallacies, and flaws in reasoning and thinking process. 
  • To reinforce learning. I am particularly bad at remembering what I read and listen. Writing about what I learned is a ‘cognitive hack’ that helps in strengthening the mental notes and to join the dots between them. In this context, particularly writing articles like /ELI5 helps in reinforcing my learning (this is also called the Feynmann technique).

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