Hi, I am Ali πŸ‘‹

Thanks for visiting my virtual home.

I work as a Practice Lead at Velrada where I design and develop Microsoft cloud-based solutions in #Azure, #Power-Platform and #Dynamics 365. On this site, I write, talk and share stories about tech.

My other interests are:

  • I read a lot and am confessed productivity nerd. I think (a) being productive, (b) having growth-mindset, and (c) being a life-long learner are the fundamental tenets of living well. At some point, I will start I’ve launched a newsletter called “Wisdom Mining” to share excerpts from my readings and my reflections on productivity meta and tools: Subscribe here.
  • I have got a long list of side project ideas and am planning to work on them sooner
  • Coffee β˜•, backyard astronomy πŸ”­ and running πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ